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Bartender & Show Assistant

Ashley loves all things crazy and fun! Mostly why she was so excited to join the Drag N' Paint family. Ashley works medical insurance by day but has always bar tended or had other odd jobs on the side, as she loves interacting with people and staying busy!! Usually, she is assisting Megan, Ben and Flo with anything they need, from set up to tear down and anything in between. She loves that the Drag N' Paint experience is open to all people who are wanting to have fun! Showing support to all in the LGBTQ+ world means a lot to her and she loves that she gets the chance to show her love through these shows and experiences. She has gotten to meet some amazing Queens from all over, that have not only become friends, but they have shown her that they love to GET DOWN!!! She is beyond grateful that she gets to be a part of this movement, because Drag N' Paint is going to take over!! 

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